Who am I


Hi! I am Melanie Dela Torre, 19 years of age from Tondo,Manila. Born on September 8,1994. Just call me MELAY 🙂


I have a lots of friends,I am simple, frank, jolly, friendly, and easy to deal with. 
“I Met them for a Reason either they’re a Blessing or a Lesson”.
I care for them like how i care to my siblings. Being with them is Awesome, I’m always laugh even I’m so tired , i always smile even i want to cry and i always happy every time i’ll go to school and meet them. They are the half of me.

Things about me: I always buy books when it so catchy and when i am really curious to the story. I really like to watch american and korean dramas/movies. My hobbies are , sleeping, reading, internet surfing (fb, twitter, tumblr, wattpad), and taking picture. I really love capturing different pictures even small things and i like taking selfies. I want to do something adventurous.




Okay, lets move forward I’m 4th year college student in The National Teachers College at Quiapo Manila. I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. I’m taking this course not because i want to but my mom want it, so I’ll take this. If someone ask what course i want to take it is Fashion Designer, i love to draw dresses 🙂



“No Family is Perfect. We Argue, We Fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, Family is Family. THE LOVE IS ALWAYS BE THERE.”


My vision in life is to help my family, give them financial support and to build our own house and help my siblings in their study. My mission in life is to be a Business Woman and work in a prestigious company and also to build my own company.



Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful.Give Loves. Laugh Lots .

My life is not perfect but I really thankful to god for the life he gave me, My parents, my siblings and also my friends. I’m not religious person but i don’t forget to pray everyday, everywhere i am and be thankful for everything what we have.

I believe in this saying “We become, what we aim”.-BSBA